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The development of the Reveho Slite is on hold for an indefinite period.

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Meet the Slite

The Revehō slite makes traveling with a cumbersome guitar easier. Its modular and collapsible design allows it to fit inside a compact case. Its full scale design also preserves the ergonomics and playability of your traditional guitar.

Render of the Slite in its case
Render of the Slite on its case
Render of the Slite's preamp wing

Modular design

Each sub-system has been brought up do date with state of the art technology and a design fit for today’s world.

Play in seconds

Quickly assemble and disassemble your guitar with the flick of a lever and play with little to no re-tuning.

Render of the Slite's main wing
Render of the Slite's amp wing

Powered-up guitar

Play anywhere and as loud or quiet as you like with the optionnal built-in amp and speakers or the optionnal on-board headphone amp.

Fully collapsible

The two part neck is no compromise for quality with its seamless design, adjustable truss-rod and reinforcement rods.

Render of the Slite's neck


Dimensions of the Slite


The Slite's specs


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