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Alexandre Albisser

Portrait de Alexandre

Product esigner
Graphic designer

Alexandre is a jack of all trades who lives for one thing: to create new things!

Fond of arts and drawing, he naturally went on to learning product and graphic design. His talent was quickly noticed by several brand who wanted to take their product to the next level.

He studied engineering and innovation management in order to know how to bring a project to life, from the first idea to reality.

His personal portfolio is a showcase of his journey.

Lucas Charron

Portrait de Lucas

Data scientist

Lucas is fond of both science and R&D. He is never afraid to tackle new challenges and find innovating solutions to problems, it is actually what drives him.

He studied as a data scientist engineer and can put state-of-the-art technologies of deep learning and automatic learning into use.

His experience as a product developer in his startup also taught him incredible things into the fields of prototyping and industrialization.


Mickaël Albisser

Portrait de Mickaël

Audio expert

Mickaël is a lover of both music and the technology to create it. He works every day to improve them.

He has always been close to music and invests himself a lot into the cultural life of his city, between the development of instruments and their usage during live concerts.

He is a senior signal processing engineer at Slate Digital, where he develops state-of-the-art audio algorithms that are used in recording studios all over the words.

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