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Updated on 13/08/2020

About us

Throughout his history, since its invention in the thirties, there have been dramatically few updates on the concept of the electric guitar. Most of the models sold today are reissues and variations on a selected few guitars that have become the icons of rock music: the Gibson Les Paul and SG, the Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster. Moreover, electric guitars continue to suffer the same issues as before, particularly a lack of transportability when compared to other modern instruments, such as a laptop or a small midi controller.
Revehō was born from this assessment. The purpose of the company is to refresh the concept of the electric guitar through a modern design, and technical innovations. To answer the demand of transportability by the guitar players, we invented the slite, a travel guitar combining transportability, modularity and embedded amplification. It can be dismantled to five parts, allowing a reduced form factor during travel, while keeping the playability and ergonomics of a standard electric guitar.
Alexandre Albisser gave birth to the project during his high school years, during which he developed the first prototypes as a part of scientific and innovation competitions for students, taking him to the international level where he presented his project in Hong Kong. Five years later, he created Revehō with his two partners, Lucas Charron, and his brother Mickaël Albisser, all passionate about music and technology for a long time. The project is backed by Grenoble Institute of Technology, the Pépite oZer, and bpifrance.

The Slite

The Revehō slite is a fully collapsible travel guitar. It can be taken down to five parts (three for the body, two for the neck), which also allows to make it a modular instrument.

Even with all its innovative aspects, the slite is a standard electric guitar: it is a six-string guitar, with 24 frets, and a full scale length of 25.5”. The heart of the guitar, the neck, is made out of wood to keep the sound quality and sustain of the electric guitar, combined with an aluminum frame. The side parts are made of plastic, to reduce the guitar weight and increase its durability. The woods will come exclusively from european forests, in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the guitar. The slite has a size of 38” * 15” when assembled, and 18” * 11” * 4” when collapsed in its included suitcase.
Each part of the guitar is dedicated to a specific function, to enable modularity. The central part of the body includes the bridge, the pickups and the coiling system for string storage during transportation. The side parts include, on the lower side, the controls, pre-amplification and effects, and on the upper side, the amplification and sound diffusion part. With the collapsible neck, this allows for a great modularity of the guitar, allowing to change the sound and functionality at any time.
To allow finishing the development and commercialization of the slite, a crowdfunding campaign will start on Kickstarter on the 9th of September 2020.

L''équipe fondatrice

Alexandre Albisser

Portrait de Alexandre

Co-founder President

Alexandre Albisser is the main inventor of the slite, and President of Revehō. He bears the company’s vision, and conceives the iterations of the slite’s prototype. Passionate about music, design and woodworking, he combined his skills in high school to create the first version of the slite concept, starting from his need to carry his guitar all day.
He always wanted to create things by himself, starting from drawing and various DIY projects, to guitar making, which he learned on his own when he started playing guitar. With original instruments in high school, he developed his own style, using design and lutherie together to reinvent the electric guitar. He graduated at Grenoble Institute of Technology, where he was a student entrepreneur.
He is also a freelance designer, using the skills he developed with his hobbies for various associations and companies in the Grenoble area, enabling him to finance Revehō’s growth and develop his network. His portfolio is available here.
Lucas Charron is the last co-founder of Revehō, where he manages the technical development. He graduated at Grenoble Institute of Technology, with a major in Electrical Engineering and Digital Signal Processing, as well as student entrepreneur. This allows him to use his skills for developing the slite. Always eager to learn and get new skills, he is also supervising the legal and administrative aspects of the newly created company.
This multifaceted engineer is passionate about music and new technologies and is always eager to go to a live music event.
Proud of his native Brittany, one of his dreams is to travel the world on a sailing boat with his friends, which could perhaps give him the time to learn how to play guitar.

Lucas Charron

Portrait de Lucas


Mickaël Albisser

Portrait de Mickaël


Mickaël Albisser is one of the co-founders of Revehō. Using his knowledge of the audio industry and his experience of the field, he is planning the strategy of the company as well as advising on the technical directions taken.
Besides this activity, he is also lead DSP Engineer at Slate Digital, a french-american audio software company. With his team, he develops the algorithms that are the heart of Slate Digital’s products. For instance, he is the main engineer behind Infinity EQ’s DSP algorithms.
Passionate about music, he is very involved in the cultural life of his town, Grenoble. His favorite things in life are all related to music in some way: organizing concerts, tinkering with music instruments, both software and hardware, and drinking beers at festivals. But he also runs ultra- trails from time to time.